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     Zhongrun Jar Tester is one originated intelligent testing instrument. It is the crystallization of Mr. Li¡¯s research in the field of coagulant over 30 years and it is the perfect combination with the modern microelectronic control technology. This product is now a sharp tool for hundreds of water supply companies and universities, witch included world famous companies, VeoliaWater and SuzeWater, Tsinghua University£¬Hongkong University etc.
      1. All parameters (speed,time,G¡­) are display in the Large-size LCD. Each operation step has instruction and the operation is very simple just by pressing keys.
      2. Jar tester can store 12 groups of programs, and each one has 10 rotation speed steps. The edit and revision of the program are very convenient.
      3. Synchro run: all paddle run the same program. Independent run: six paddles can run different programs at the same time, so the times of the test can be greatly reduced and the influences to the coagulation results by different mixing processes can be compared .
      4. Jar tester is equipped with high-accurate stepping motor. The speed is controlled by the digital signals sent by the chip, so the speed is very accurate, the running of the paddles is completely synchro and the results of multiple tests conform to each other.
      5. Jar tester calculatesG & GT value (speed gradient )automatically to match well with the production practice. Jar tester can measure the temperature of water sample automatically for the calculation of G value and GT value.
      6. Automatic agent dosing: after the set speed or time is reached, the prepared agent can be dosed to the beaker synchronously. Automatic elevating: after mixing is completed, the paddle will elevate above the water surface automatically thus will not influence the sedimentation of flocks.
      7. Controller and the main machine is separated to facilitate the maintenance and changing parts. The functions of mixing, agent dosing and elevating & downing are controlled by three PCBs which can be replaced easily if there is malfunction. The service cost is very low and the repair is very quick.

  6-beakers,desktop type
with lamp ,suit for lab
paddle elevating and dosing agent

  4-beakers,desktop type
suit for business trip
after service

operation system is same as ZR4-6

  2-beakers,portable type,
suit for business trip
after service

operation system is same as ZR4-6